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Morrels gorgeous entrance


My outfit for the day- I have blogged about the chiffon top I am wearing before -Mr Price, White skinny jeans-Sissy Boy, Shoes-Mr Price, Clutch Bag- Cotton On.

Nothing like a Ralph Lauren coffee table book for a birthday present. Thanks to my very thoughtful mom.


Chocolate spot


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Heaven Melts

While moseying through the Nicolway Centre I decided to pass the main strip of gorgeous restaurants and venture downstairs, needless to say I found this gorgeous chocolate delicatessen MELT.
My favourite treat!!
With my great weakness for the oh so evil chocolate I was sold on this little spot, but I can’t give all the credit to chocolate! The decor in Melt has a strong French feel with the black and white striped wall, mismatched books, jugs and bowls set on the old French provincial style dining tables and book shelves show casing the fantastic food! The glass domes covering the food along with the chandalier in the centre of the room creates the great contradicition of glamour.
My mom, sister and myself rate this spot a definite must for chocolate lovers but we do wish it was outside.


Summer Time!


Summer Time!

So I have been away from blogging for quite some time, I think I have just been hybernating since it has been so cold this winter, Heeelooo it snowed in South Africa!! With summer around the corner you can definitely count on the fact that I will be back and have loads of fun tips, looks and ideas in store.
My new Spring/Summer items are all shown in this post in a different kind of way to the usual model my style kind of pics.
I feel this post not only display typical trends for this summer, such as sequins,pastel shades, pumps and collars but one of my loves for visual merchandising ( the display of merchandise) it is just loads of fun to display style and fashion in a new context, where one can use props and back drops to create the look and feel for the clothing. I hope you enjoy these looks and show cases.

– Sequinned Jersey and purse: Cotton On; Ring and tights: Mr Price

Chiffon Collared top and Sequinned pumps: Mr Price

A New Perspective


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After a heavy session of walking around the Markex show at the Sandton Convention Centre, a cup of tea was in high demand! When my mom and I were on our coffee shop search, we started to see this little street in Sandton through new eyes. I felt like we were in a gorgeous city hub with quaint restaurants and Bistro’s. One spot that stuck out a mile for us was the gorgeous Parc Ferme restaurant on the corner. I felt dressed for the occasion in my black and white outfit with a splash of red on the lips… ooh was I ready to grab a cuppa here or what! This is a must for any foodies or tea-pots!

Hand Bag: This was my moms an ancient purchase from Woolworths, but I am still so in love with the patent leather contrast.White shirt: Chinese Market, Black skirt and jersey: Mr. Price, Wool stockings: Woolworths, Black shoes: Mr. Price, Pearl studded ear rings: Mr. Price.



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Recently walking through the Hydepark Shopping centre my mom had spotted a gorgeous display of a ballerina dancing in a life size jewelry box to advocate more people attending the ballet theatre as a form of entertainment. What a coincidence since I had been admiring these gorgeous “doll like” shots from my latest June issue of the Vogue and was trying to figure a way to blog about them.
On the topic of ballet, it is an incredibly sad situation as the S.A Ballet Company may lose all financial support, leaving the the future of ballet theatre at the brink of it’s final days. When I was a little girl I dreamed of seeing the Swan Lake and loved getting my first pair of ballet shoes from my Granny, I hope these dreams can be a possibility for little girls in the future!

Pleather,Pink & Pop


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Waiting outside the Dome

Wearing: My Jay Jay’s Leather Jacket, my twinkle toe “docks” from the Killarney chinese store, Mr Price Tights and Black Top.

Love Tans diamante’s

Jamming OliKillarney; The Treasure Trove: The Twinkle "docks", ZARA: Black perfume, Clicks: Pink temporary Spray

The girls and I decided to celebrate a throw back of the 80’s by going to the Roxette concert this past Sunday! What an awesome time! As the pop hits and love ballads played the nostalgia kicked in with memories of our childhood such as the launch of MTV, showing us the music videos of M.J, Madonna and George Michael. To the leather and big baggy track tops our parents used to wear and with out a doubt movies like “Pretty Women” that stole our hearts and took Roxette to Hollywood with their hit “Must have been Love”.

Great night with Great friends!

The Green Scene

 My complete obsession with colour and chiffon material is probably the very reason I love the opening artwork to this blog – Green by Alberto Seveso, ink( can be found at I think I am so captured by this artwork due to it’s simple process, the artist must have had great faith that the ink would take the beautiful form it did, once he had dropped the ink the gorgeous movement and form was out of his creative control… 

no! Thank YOU!

 So I had to boast about my 5 minutes of fame in the Style Hunter Pic of me shown below! Yippee I made it into a magazine…

 After a really tough day at work I came home to a fantastic gift from my babba, Jace wrote me a gorgeous card to lift my spirits and bought my fave a Vogue Mag. Love my boy too much, very thoughtful!!

Just love this Studded off white dress on Kate Moss! Love iiit! ( if you know me well enough, you know I just sang Love iiit!)

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